Course Features

This online training course is a culmination of my 40 years clinical experience working with thousands of dogs and their most common behavioural issues. It is underpinned by strong scientific understanding to ensure you get great results, delivered in a loving manner.

  • 30 online training videos and supporting documents

  • 3 bonus videos on choosing the right breed, puppy and address foot biting

  • Exclusive webinars for further techniques and tips

  • Step-by-step methodology for a better relationship with your dog

  • We’re here with customer support over email, whenever you need.

  • Cancel your subscription at any time

The course includes the following modules:

Normally this type of one-on-one training with Mark would cost $200 per hour. Get over 30 online training modules of exclusive content by Mark Vette at a time and pace that works for you - not available anywhere else. Yours for only $67 per month..

  • Dog Zen Foundations

  • Dog Zen Tools and Techniques

  • Sound Relationships

  • The 10 Most Common Problems

  • The Good Work

Sue, Happy Dog Owner

"What a fantastic reference material for all dog owners. the clicker training is working a treat and highly recommend the online video and book chapter on forming a relationship with your dog. Best money I have spent all year!"

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With our proven methods, Mark has taught dogs to drive cars, fly planes and become Social Media icons. Our methodology provides the framework for managing dog behavioural issues and will set you up for a deep and loving relationship with your pooch. Join the thousands of satisfied Dog Zen customers today. The journey to a better behaved dog is one click away.
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Joyce, Satisfied Dog Parent

"Mark demonstrates very clearly, ways and means to help you train your dog, change negative dog behaviours etc and simply to enhance that dog-person relationship in every day life as you and the dog develop a shared language that you both understand."